Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekly Snoozers- 9/8/10 Week 1 Edition- "Grease Lightning!"

Let's kick this week off with a BANG (and let's hope that BANG isn't a torn ACL). Since it is only two days before Sunday, you are going to want to look for that key player that could make a statement in your game. Sure, others may laugh at you...but lets see how long that will last.

Situation: You are in a deep league, your top receiver is hurt or you just plain don't know who should be starting on your team. I got the fix that can keep your team afloat without dropping value. This week, we are going to take a look at Legedu Naanee; if you haven't heard of him, you aren't alone. He has been cast into the shadows by the veteran talents of Vincent Jackson and the young phenom Malcolm Floyd. If you are sitting pretty behind these two guys, chances are you aren't going to see much action. Thankfully, Mr. Jackson isn't looking to be playing the game of football any time soon (and certainly not this week)...which bodes well for this young receiver.

Truth of the matter is, while he is not the best receiver in San Diego, he is certainly going to be a target for the hot-and-cold Philip Rivers. Rivers had a career high in passing yards last season, and this is a team that will look heavily to the likes of Rivers once again this season. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, we have a hidden gem to discuss. The absence of Vincent Jackson means Naanee starts along with Malcolm Floyd, giving Naanee tremendous value in deeper league as a sleeper. Couple that with a poor Chiefs passing defense and you have the makes of a week 1 star. The Chargers will need to keep a balanced offense, and if Floyd should ever see double coverage, you know who will benefit from this.

The only aspect that worries me is Antonio Gates, another seasoned veteran gearing for some receptions. Even still, Rivers has been known to spread the ball around like he was buttering toast. Naanee will get the looks, and he has the potential to turn those looks into downfield plays. A good pick-up in deeper leagues and a potential flex option for those looking for options.

Thank you for reading my first edition of Weekly Snoozers; check back next week to see who we have lined up for a deep fantasy play.

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